Friday, 27 August 2010

So, i thought i would start with a little about what I've been spending my time doing in game.
I decided to start on another realm a few months ago, although the primary reason for it was a couple of guild members and the guild leader decided to... I had already once moved from mainly horde to mainly alliance on a server before, but eh. I semi-quit a few weeks after decided to give rolling on another server a go, and when i came back a few months later it seemed the guild was VERY inactive... :'(.
Recently though, I've been getting back into it, and although i love the game, it can be incredibly addictive at times... So yes, the past few weeks I've been working on leveling a warlock, i went affliction of course, the fastest way to 80 ;). But also, i have been working on a paladin, and just recently(I started this a few days ago) a shaman. I don't usually work on several characters at once, usually i go all out on one and stick with it, but i guess its a little more fun taking breaks and switching class every now and then.
So yeah, just a little wall of text to start off!

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