Saturday, 28 August 2010

picture very related ;) though i have gotten better since, as you can see they are green.

So i was rolling around with my paladin in the Outlands, and i was thinking "why the hell would anyone want to roll retribution?!" Now, i have rolled a retribution paladin, and leveled from 10-80 entirely as retribution, i went this way because when you start playing the game you get told that the dps spec is always the easiest to level...But when i re-rolled my paladin, i wasn't so bothered about how fast i could ding 80, since i have already done it so many times... So hell, i thought, i may as well go protection, what with the new LFG system and everything.
You know what?
I'm left wondering, why would anyone want to roll retribution, as i ride up to a bunch of mobs gather around 10-11 of them, then unleash a consecration with my +30% block and another 30% block when my talent procs, i block almost every incoming attack, and deal damage to the attacker as well with each block! I mean, it's been a while since i leveled my retribution paladin almost a year, but i can't remember being so over powered.
I really do recommend anyone who wants to level a paladin in the future to go retribution until around 30, then protection all the way... It's just so easy, and don't forget you get into dungeon groups instantly. I mean as soon as i click Find Group, i find one. This is just my opinion of course, but protection is incredible for AoE grinding, and i think it's actually fairly underrated since people just assume that retribution is the best.
Me fighting an elite as high as me as protection, i also manages to take on 3 mountain giants in for the weapons of spirit quest. Felt very good man ;)

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