Saturday, 28 August 2010

Saki review

I finished this a few months ago, and i did really like it...
The anime, Saki is about Miyanaga Saki, she has joined high school. One of the first things we find out is that she really dislikes Mahjong, and has a genuine reason for it, when she was younger and played Mahjong with her family she couldn't win, that is because her parents would get upset, so of course the only other option is to loose.

Shes dragged into the work of Mahjong by her friend Kyou, the main plot is introduced in this, Saki somehow manages to get several +-0 scores in a row... Which is nearly impossible. Showing her potential to become a great player.
The third character we are introduced to is Haramura Nodoka, and yeah, she has very large breasts ;) she and saki also seem to develop a VERY deep relationship....
My favorie character however was Yūki Kataoka as she is pretty lulzy... Obsessed with tacos...She's also very cute... 

Hisa Takei, the head of the Mahjong club is very skilled at the game, and she is a nice character but doesn't really stand out greatly, she is also very close with Mako Someya who grew up around Mahjong since her family owned a Mahjong parlor, she has seen so many games that she can compare most situations with ones she has already witnessed.

Non of the characters are really greatly believable in fact, I'd say that Kyōtarō Suga is the most believable but he barely shows up... I mean seriously it's like hes not even a real member of the club. Most of the others have some super powers, although i guess the head of the club and her close friend are fairly believable, in that they don't have any 'Super Mahjong Powers'(NOTE: They don't actually refer to super mahjong powers within the anime ;) it supposedly luck.) Although Hisa Takei's declaration of Tsumo was pretty insane... They don't have any consideration for any of the damage they may cause to the very expensive Mahjong tables. I mean seriously...

A typical episode of saki. No, seriously.

But all in all, i really liked this anime, it's one of the better ones I've seen, as it was very entertaining and had a nice casual plot to it, although without giving away any spoilers i was very disappointed at the ending ;(. There better be a sequel.... And the effects they used were fun, without them it would have been fairly boring to watch, I'm willing to say that the director, Manabu Ono, did a very good job at making this game, with the potential to be very boring, into something great. During the large tournaments, at the end of the episodes, i was left really wanting to know how the match was going to play out, and i couldn't wait for more.

I really recommend this to anyone who is a fan of less story driven anime, like lucky star or azumanga daioh. But everyone should be able to appreciate it really.

On a side note, watching this made me want to give the game a go, a really good game that i recommend is,, unfortunately it doesn't work in some countries, so you have to use some sort of proxy, but it's a very good game, go try it out. A quick Google search will find you lots of different ways to access it.

Damn it, i want to find the source of this wallpaper, the person who posted it never gave it. Sucks.
picture very related ;) though i have gotten better since, as you can see they are green.

So i was rolling around with my paladin in the Outlands, and i was thinking "why the hell would anyone want to roll retribution?!" Now, i have rolled a retribution paladin, and leveled from 10-80 entirely as retribution, i went this way because when you start playing the game you get told that the dps spec is always the easiest to level...But when i re-rolled my paladin, i wasn't so bothered about how fast i could ding 80, since i have already done it so many times... So hell, i thought, i may as well go protection, what with the new LFG system and everything.
You know what?
I'm left wondering, why would anyone want to roll retribution, as i ride up to a bunch of mobs gather around 10-11 of them, then unleash a consecration with my +30% block and another 30% block when my talent procs, i block almost every incoming attack, and deal damage to the attacker as well with each block! I mean, it's been a while since i leveled my retribution paladin almost a year, but i can't remember being so over powered.
I really do recommend anyone who wants to level a paladin in the future to go retribution until around 30, then protection all the way... It's just so easy, and don't forget you get into dungeon groups instantly. I mean as soon as i click Find Group, i find one. This is just my opinion of course, but protection is incredible for AoE grinding, and i think it's actually fairly underrated since people just assume that retribution is the best.
Me fighting an elite as high as me as protection, i also manages to take on 3 mountain giants in for the weapons of spirit quest. Felt very good man ;)

So, last night i was watching an anime called "Ergo Proxy" I've been watching it over the past few weeks. It's one of the best that I've seen in fact, but seriously, there are WAY too many filler episodes, one was just about them traversing the wastelands, that one was actually quite interesting and also funny, but its when it comes to the episodes that turn out to be dreams, that have no real influence on the story except for a second right at the end of the episode where they say, don't visit a city because of it. Bah, i know they're fairly fun to watch, but it's annoying that they have had to pad it out so much with so many episodes that have no real relation to the main story, i don't know maybe I'm missing something?

Friday, 27 August 2010

So, i thought i would start with a little about what I've been spending my time doing in game.
I decided to start on another realm a few months ago, although the primary reason for it was a couple of guild members and the guild leader decided to... I had already once moved from mainly horde to mainly alliance on a server before, but eh. I semi-quit a few weeks after decided to give rolling on another server a go, and when i came back a few months later it seemed the guild was VERY inactive... :'(.
Recently though, I've been getting back into it, and although i love the game, it can be incredibly addictive at times... So yes, the past few weeks I've been working on leveling a warlock, i went affliction of course, the fastest way to 80 ;). But also, i have been working on a paladin, and just recently(I started this a few days ago) a shaman. I don't usually work on several characters at once, usually i go all out on one and stick with it, but i guess its a little more fun taking breaks and switching class every now and then.
So yeah, just a little wall of text to start off!


Well then....